CryENGINE 3 exporter for Softimage.

  • Intuitive workflow for exporting.
  • No special setup required for a basic export.
  • CryEngine specific material properties directly interface with Softimage materials, so there is no restriction on the type of shaders/materials you can use in XSI.
  • Batch export.
  • Support for different grid-units (1 unit = 1cm or 1m).
  • Animation export + straight forward animation clip editor.

Download & Installation

Check the sidebar for a link to the releases page on GitHub.

To install SoftCry, unzip the downloaded archive into C:/users/%user%/Autodesk/Softimage_%version%/Addons/ OR C:/users/%user%/Softimage/Softimage_%version%/Addons/. Make sure you use this path and not the factory addon path.

If you have any Softimage version up to (and including) 2010 you need to install python and pywin32. If python and pywin32 was installed correctly it should look something like this.